Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Hat

Cover art for THE HAT

Author & Illustrator:   Jan Brett
Publisher:  Putnam
Publication Year:   1997
Location: Personal Collection

Awards:   Abby Award, Publisher's Weekly Best Book,

Summary: This book is a companion book to The Mitten. In it, Lisa decides to hang up her woolen clothes to get ready for the upcoming winter when one of her stockings (socks) blows off the line. Hedgie the hedgehog gets it stuck on his head, but rather than admit that he's stuck he tells all the other animals that it's his new hat. When they make fun of him, he assures them of that his hat will keep him dry, warm, and cozy in the snow. Finally, the girl chases him down and takes back her sock. But wait- all of the other animals are now wearing her other woolens as hats. Brett's amazingly framed illustrations are full of Scandinavian details. 

Amazing author's note on her website tells about the trip she took to Denmark to research for this book:

Classroom Ideas: A great example of a circular story- kids could easily write about what happens next as Lisa tries to chase down all of the other animals. Brett's books are set in wintery climates that would be fun to research, starting with the story in the illustrated author's note.

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