Tuesday, July 16, 2013

In the Night Kitchen


Author & Illustrator:   Maurice Sendak
Publisher:  Harper & Row
Publication Year:   1970
Location: Knox County Public Library- Powell

Awards:   Caldecott Honor,  ALA Notable, School Library Journal Best Book, NYT Best Book

Summary:  Mickey wakes in the middle of the night and falls into the surreal atmosphere of the night kitchen. The strange bakers try to bake him into a cake until Mickey jumps out exclaiming "I'm not the milk and the milk's not me." Mickey flies into the milk jug, fetches the milk, and pours it into the batter. Once the cake is baked, Mickey slides down the milk jug and back into his bed. Because of Mickey, there's cake every morning. Sendak's illustrations are masterful.

Classroom Ideas: While the book is charming and a bit surreal, the nudity in it has gotten it challenged by book banners. I wouldn't bring it into a public school classroom, but it's one that I would always have in a personal and public library collection.

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