Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Way Back Home

Cover art for THE WAY BACK HOME

Author & Illustrator:   Oliver Jeffers
Publisher:  Philomel
Publication Year:   2007
Location: Knox County Public Library- Halls

Awards:   Merit- Bisto Book of the Year Awards

Summary:  A boy finds an airplane in his closet and (although he can't remember putting it there) he goes flying in it. He runs out of gas and gets stuck on the moon, where it is very dark because his flashlight goes out. Meanwhile, a Martian crash lands his space ship onto the moon (which by the way is a crescent), and the two meet. Then work together to figure out ways to get back home. The boy jumps with a parachute into the ocean and swims home. When he gets there, he packs up his backpack and hikes to the top of a mountain where the Martian pulls him back up to the moon with a rope. He fixes the Martian's ship and refuels his plane, the two say goodbye, and head back home. At the end, there's a wordless spread where a package is delivered and perhaps the friendship continues...

Classroom Ideas: There is problem solving here- it's quite ingenious. And, of course, the theme of friendship between two very different "ethnic" groups (is that the word for Earthling and Martian?)

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