Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Long Way Away

Cover art for A LONG WAY AWAY

Author & Illustrator:   Frank Viva
Publisher:  Little, Brown and Company
Publication Year:   2013
Location: Knox County Public Library- Halls

Awards:   Kirkus, Publisher's Weekly, & School Library Journal starred reviews

Summary:  This is a two-way story- it is opened vertically and then can be read down where an octopus-like alien creature leaves home and travels down going around many obstacles through space. He bounces off the moon, through the sky and into a lagoon, where he ends up taking a nap under the ocean. Because the story is told through one and two word phrases, the book can also be read from the back up so that the alien starts out asleep under the sea and ends up back with his parents.

Classroom Ideas: You could use this book to understand the parts of a book and how they normally work. The book contains many prepositions and could easily be used to teach grammar. There is a great scavenger hunt in the educator's guide.

An educator's guide:

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