Sunday, July 14, 2013

bow wow meow meow: it's rhyming cats and dogs

Cover art for BOW WOW MEOW MEOW

Author & Illustrator:   Douglas Florian
Publisher:  harcourt, inc.
Publication Year:  
Location: Knox County Public Library- Halls

Awards:   Gryphon Award, Parent Magazine Best Book of the Year, Kirkus starred review

Summary:  This is a collection of twenty-one poems about dogs and cats, illustrated with the author's charming and highly accessible watercolors. My daughter loved the concrete poem "The Poodles" where the words are written in curls on the page ("The curls may have whirls, while the whirls may have swirls...")

Classroom Ideas: There are a lot of easily mimicked poetry forms here (like list poetry). The vocabulary is good without being intimidating for younger readers (stride, prey, jowls). There a few really good puns here to ("Few dogs can whippet in a race")

Extras: table of contents

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