Thursday, July 11, 2013

Free Fall

Cover art for FREE FALL

Author & Illustrator:   David Wiesner
Publisher:  Lothrop, Lee & Shepard Books
Publication Year:   1988
Location: Knox County Public Library- Halls

Awards:   Caldecott Honor, ALA Notable

Summary:  A wordless book where a boy falls asleep with a book in his hands. We follow him through a surreal landscape suggested by the objects in his bedroom. There's a life-sized chess board, a castle with an elaborate maze, dark woods with a dragon, and a tiny world where the boy is a giant. Still following the map from his book, the boy travels through the dreamscape on the back of a pig, and flies over a beach where he lands on the ocean in a leaf and then floats back to his bed where he awakes the next morning (surrounded by many of the items from his dream world.) Wiesner's characteristic drawings use a muted palette to bring the boy's dreams to life.

Classroom Ideas: A writing teacher could use any of these pages to spark creative writing- or split the book apart and give each child a different page. The attention to detail is perfect and students will never get tired of staring at it.

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