Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I Can Hear the Sun

Cover art for I CAN HEAR THE SUN

Author & Illustrator:   Patricia Polacco
Publisher: Philomel
Publication Year:  1996
Location: Personal Collection

Awards: Author/illustrator study Patricia Polacco

Summary: This is a story of homeless people who gather at a nature preserve in Oakland, California, and Stephanie Michele who is the keeper of the animals there. An orphan named Fondo meets her and helps her take care of the a blind goose. He is happy coming there each day until he finds out that he's being send to a special-needs placement. And then the story takes it's mythic turn: With the blind goose leading them, Fondo flies off with the wild geese. Patricia Polacco blurs the lines between reality and fantasy in this self-named "modern myth."

Classroom Ideas: It would be interesting to discuss theme with this story, along with homelessness.

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