Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Lion and the Mouse

Cover art for THE LION & THE MOUSE

Author & Illustrator:   Jerry Pinkney
Publication Year:  
Location: Knox County Public Library- Powell

Awards:   Caldecott, NYT Best Illustrated, ALA Notable, Horn Books Honor Book, School Library Journal Top 100 Picture Books

Summary:  This is a wordless adaptation of the traditional fable of the lion and the mouse. A mouse is running from predator's when she accidentally awakes a lion. The lion decides to let her go back to her family. Later, the mouse chews through some old ropes and frees the lion from a hunter's trap. Don't skip the endpapers where the lion is surrounded by his family (mate & 5 cubs) and riding on his back is the adorable mouse family!

Classroom Ideas: The theme here is about friendship and mercy. In his Artist's Note, Pinkney says "As a child I was inspired to see the majestic king of the jungle saved by the determination and hard work of a humble rodent; as an adult I've come to appreciate how both animals are equally large at heart: the courageous mouse, and the lion who must rise above his beastly nature to set his small prey free." This would be an interesting quotation to discuss with kids.

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