Friday, June 28, 2013

Fly Away Home

Cover art for FLY AWAY HOME

Author: Eve Bunting
Illustrator:   Ronald Himler
Publisher:  Clarion
Publication Year:   1991
Location: Knox County Public Library- Lawson McGhee

Awards:   ALA Notable, Kirkus  & School Library Journal Starred reviews

Summary:  This beautiful story of homelessness is told in the voice of a preschooler. He and his dad live in an airport and try not to get caught there by carefully fitting in. His dad works as a janitor but doesn't make enough money for them to have a place to their own apartment. The boy is sometimes jealous of the families in the airport that get to go home but it ends with him hopeful that one day he'll get to go too. This is a wonderfully done story of a sensitive topic.

Classroom Ideas: Obviously this book is about homelessness. But it's also a great example of first person point of view. The narrator's name is unknown and I believe that's purposefully to make the point that the boy could be any child. It's also a more sophisticated plot structure where the problem is not solved.

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