Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ladybug Girl

Author & Illustrator: Jacky Davis & David Soman
Publisher:  Dial
Publication Year:   2008
Location: Knox County Public Library- Powell

Awards:   Original Voices Award

Summary:  Lulu, dressed in a red and black ladybug costume, is ready to play. But her parents are busy and her brother doesn't want her to play baseball with him and his friends. She, as the superhero Ladybug Girl, and her dog Bingo play together, helping a group of ants cross a large rock, building a fort, and balances on a fallen tree trunk. After making her own fun, Lulu concludes that she's not so little after all and she "feels as big as the whole outdoors." The charming watercolors and line drawings capture Lulu and Bingo perfectly, with their mirroring expressions which absolutely captivated my daughter. (Lots of, "Look Mama!")

Classroom Ideas: Lulu is a great character and her expressions show a lot of what she's feeling, leading to a great opportunity for inferring through the illustrations.

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