Monday, June 10, 2013

Baloney (Henry P.)

Author: Jon Scieszka
 Illustrator:   Lane Smith
Publisher:  Penguin
Publication Year:   2005
Location: Knox County Public Library- Powell

Awards:   IRA Children's Choice Award

Summary:  Henry P. Baloney is an alien schoolboy who has to come up with a reason why he is late to szkola again. Thus begins his hilarious tale of rocket ships and flying saucers, made even better by the inclusion of vocabulary from many different languages. Again, Lane's detailed illustrations make this a book that older kids want to examine over and over again. (And, yes, there are two pictures here because my kids LOVE the silver foil book jacket for this one and I had to include it.)

Classroom Ideas:  I used this book in my 5th grade classroom to introduce context clues to my students by using clues to figure out the meanings of the foreign words. It could also be used in writing as Miss Bugscuffle the teacher refers to Henry's story as a tall tale which always led to an interesting discussion with my students as to the defining characteristics of tall tales.

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