Saturday, June 22, 2013

John, Paul, George, and Ben


Author & Illustrator:   Lane Smith
Publisher:  Hyperion
Publication Year:   2006
Location: Knox County Public Library- Powell

Awards:   Horn Book Fanfare Award, School Library Journal Best Books,  NYT Best Illustrated Book of the Year,  Publishers Weekly Best Book of the Year,  Parenting Magazine Best Book of the Year, NYT Notable Book, 

Summary:  Despite sounding like a Beatles book, this book is about four (or five) of the founding fathers. Smith chooses adjectives for each one of them: John Hancock was bold; Paul Revere was noisy; George Washington was honest; Ben Franklin was clever; Thomas Jefferson was independent. These traits lead to the accomplishments of the founding fathers, ending with a hilarious "ye olde True or False" section. As always, Smith's illustrations are the perfect accompaniment to the text.

Classroom Ideas: This would be a great book for fourth grade to link Writing, Grammar, and Social Studies. It could be used to talk about adjectives, character traits, and US history.

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