Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Hi! Fly Guy

Arnold, Tedd. Hi! Fly Guy. New York: Scholastic, 2005. Print.

ISBN:  0-439-63903-4

Audience: Ages 4-8, Grades PK-3

Summary:  Fly Guy meets the boy Buzz while he is out looking for slimy, tasty food. Buzz is looking for a pet for the pet show and is excited that Fly Guy can say his name. He takes him home, but he has to convince the rest of the world that flies can be pets. Fly Guy ends up amazing the judges with his tricks and winning a prize.

Strengths:   Offbeat cartoon illustrations would grab the attention of the most reluctant reader. The setting is familiar and the characters are easily identifiable for the average reader. While there is very little text, the word choice is excellent and the book is full of hyperbole, puns, and broad humor. The inclusion of four “chapters” will convince beginning readers that they are reading a big kid book not a baby book.

Weaknesses:   The subject matter is sometimes gross, especially in some of the later books.

Uses:  This book can be used to develop students’ ability to notice key details (Common Core State Standard ELA:RL.1 Grades K-3)   and then transferring these details to writing their own narratives about what other adventures Buzz and Fly Guy might have (CCSS ELA:W.3 Grades K-4). It also is a good venue for retelling of a story (CCSS ELA: RL.2 Grades K-2). The characters are well written in this story and would be good ones for a character study (CCSS ELA:RL.3 Grades K-6).  For Science, the book would introduce a study of life cycles, flies, and other insects. This book is perfectly suited to put in the hands of reluctant readers, especially boys who enjoy gross out humor.

·      Fly Guy series -  Tedd Arnold (the continuation of the series)
·      Diary of a Fly  – Doreen Cronin (story told from the point of view of a fly)
·      Mr. Putter and Tabby – Cynthia Ryland (series about a man and his cat)
·      Frog and Toad are Friends – Arnold Lobel (classic series about two unlikely friends)
·      Bink and Gollie – Kate DiCamillo (series about two friends who are very different)

Theodore Suess Geisel Award

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