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Abby the Librarian

Abby the Librarian

Author: Abby Johnson
Children’s Librarian
New Albany-Floyd Country Public Library in New Albany, IN

Platform:  Blogger

Audience: The target audience is public children’s librarians. Her purpose is summed up in this statement: “Helping and mentoring new librarians and library school students is a passion of mine and you'll find many of my posts written with that audience in mind. (I am still new-ish, so I remember how it feels to be just starting out.) I'm also a firm believer that all librarians benefit from the sharing of program ideas, program outlines, and general posts about how things are done at different libraries. I try to give you a slice of life at my library here.”

Format/theme/loading: The site loaded quickly with no major missing links evident. The format is a traditional block format with the actual posts in the center column, quick links to her labels on the left, and an archive with followers on the right.  There is a pink and white color scheme with a graphic background.

Navigation: There are a few ways to navigate the site: from the home page, a reader can follow in the traditional reverse chronological order with the newest entry coming first. There are also labels that can be clicked on if someone is interested in a particular topic or the archive if they prefer chronological order. Abby has also created tabs on the top of her blog for particular topics: Audiobook reviews, her “Reading Wildly” Program, “So You Want to Be a Librarian?”, and Storytime ideas.

Frequency of Posts: Abby has been blogging since 2007.  Until this year, she blogged very frequently, at least three times per week. This year she has not blogged as often. She is serving on the Newbery committee for 2015 so I wonder if this has affected her ability to post as often.

Content of Posts: The majority of her posts are book review posts and storytime ideas. She also has a series called A Day in the Life of a Children’s Librarian.

Strengths: The book review posts are excellent resources for collection development, including well-chosen read alikes. The Day in the Life series was very interesting as it showed the diversity in the job of a public librarian.  She writes in a very accessible way and offers great insight into her position.

Weaknesses: She doesn’t have any links to other blogs like hers or blogs that she follows so it’s not a great site for networking.

Uses: A library school student could use the “So You Want to Be a Librarian?” series to get insight into the process of becoming a librarian and learning about the position. The storytime ideas would be invaluable for someone who was looking to plan programming for younger patrons. The book reviews are excellent and would help with collection development as well as identifying appropriate books for students or patrons.

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